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VAIMH Professional Development
Upcoming & Archived Webinars

Join VAIMH for one-hour virtual lunchtime professional development events and connect with other professionals across the state who care about the mental health of infants, young children, and families in Virginia.

These professional development opportunities are matched to Competencies for those going through or maintaining Endorsement in Infant Mental Health and are recorded for future access.

Fee: Free for VAIMH Members / $20 for non-members

Time: 12:00-1:00 PM


VAIMH Professional Development Series

The Many Sides of Maternal Mental Health 

Spring 2023

12:00 - 1:00 PM

 1.19.23 Stories from the Field: Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

             Judith Martens, Infant Mental Health Mentor-Clinical, IMH-E®

              Tracy Walters, Infant Family Specialist, IMH-E®

             Competencies targeted: Advocacy, Service Delivery Systems, Contemplation

2.16.23  Medical Racism

              Kenda Sutton

              Executive Director of Birth in Color

            Competencies targeted: Pregnancy and early Parenthood, Relationship-Focused Practice, Cultural Humility

3.16.23  Maternal Loss and Rebirth

             Morgan Kiku and Natasha Riveria

             Competencies targeted: Pregnancy and Early Parenthood, Cultural Humility, Attachment, Separation, Trauma,

                                                                   Grief & Loss

4.20.23 Advocacy Session - Now That We Know Better, How Do We Do Better?

            Judith Martens, Infant Mental Health Mentor-Clinical, IMH-E®

             Tracy Walters, Infant Family Specialist, IMH-E®

            Competencies targeted: Advocacy, Cultural Humility, Planning and Organizing

Pregnant Photography

VAIMH Professional Development Series

Cozy Up To the Many Colors

of Infant Mental Health - Fall 2022

 9.15.22 Infant Massage: Why Touch Matters

            Linda Storm, Infant Family Specialist, IMH-E®

10.20.22 ACES and Relational Health

             Keith Cartwright, B.A.

             Adverse Childhood Experiences Coordinator

11.17.22 The Impact of Technology on Relationships

              Tracy Ellis Walters, M.Ed.

              Infant Family Specialist, IMH-E®


12.15.22 Learning to Dance: Using Connection to Nurture Healthy Independence and


             Jessica Stern, Ph.D., University of Virginia

Father and Son

VAIMH Professional Development Series
Sailing into Summer Sessions - 2022

6.16.22 Unique Aspects of Teenage Parenthood; Strategies for Engagement and Support

            Sandra Triveri, MA, LPC

            Infant Mental Health Specialist, IMH-E®


7.21.22 Impact of Natural World on Infant Mental Health

            Paige Lindblom, M.Ed.

8.18.22 Promoting the Healthy Cultural & Racial Identity of Minority Infants & Toddlers

            Diana Bermudez, Ph.D., LPC, ATR

            Infant Mental Health Specialist, IMH-E®

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VAIMH Free Recorded Webinars

Evaluation link for Winter Brings Spring 2022 VAIMH PD Presentations (Jan 2022-April 2022)
Please complete the evaluation to receive a certificate for attending.

VAIMH Professional Development Series
Winter Brings Spring 2022

1.20.22  Sensory Integration and the Impact on Mental Health

             Andrea Muffly, OTR/L


2.17.22  Circle of Security - An Introduction 

             Charlie Slaughter, MPH, CT Department of Children & Families

3.17.22  Supporting Parents and Caregivers through an Attachment Based Lens:

            A Glance at Circle of Security in Practice

             Jessica Brickey, LCSW

             Infant Mental Health Specialist, IMH-E®

4.21.22 The Role of the Preschool Mental Health Consultant

             Mark Gardner, LCSW, Nurture Child and Family

Playing with Play Dough

VAIMH Professional Development Series
Fall 2021

9.16.21    Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder: What to look for and how to talk about it

               Mara Watts, Director of Outreach & Education, Postpartum Support VA

10.21.21 What it means to be bi-cultural, "Mommy can you tell me how you got here"

              Silvia Juarez Marazzo, LCSW

11.18.21 What is your VAIMH Story?

              VAIMH Professional Development Task Force Committee Members

12.16.21 Surviving the Holidays

              VAIMH Professional Development Task Force Committee Members

Sleeping Baby

VAIMH Professional Development Series
Summer 2021

6.17.21 Learn about the Early Childhood Tract at LEND/VCU

           Jackie Robinson-Brock

           Infant Mental Health Mentor-Clinical, IMH-E®

           Interim State Early Childhood Mental Health Coordinator

7.15.21 Benefits of Reflective Supervision in an Early Childhood Setting

           Mary Thornton, Early Childhood Consultant

           Infant Family Specialist, IMH-E®

           Tracy Walters, State IECMH Coordinator

           Infant Family Specialist, IMH-E®

8.19.21 Building Resiliency Through the Immigrant Experience

           Judith Martens, IMH Consultant & Reflective Supervisor

           Infant Mental Health Mentor-Clinical, IMH-E®

           Lisseth Palacios, Virginia Quality Regional Specialist, EC Consultant

           Infant Mental Health Specialist, IMH-E®

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