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What Happens in the Early Years Matters Forever

The Virginia Association for Infant Mental Health

VAIMH is a multidisciplinary non-profit organization for all professionals who support the development of children birth through age 6 because we know that what happens in the early years matters forever. VAIMH offers education, training, and resources to assist parents, caregivers, healthcare providers, educators, and other professionals in their everyday interactions with infants, young children, and their families. We view the child in the context of the family. The relationship is our client.


Endorsement® through VAIMH is intended to recognize experiences that lead to a competency in the infant/early childhood-family field. It does not replace licensure or certification, but instead is meant as evidence of a specialization in this field. Endorsement® is cross-sector and multidisciplinary, including professionals from child and/or human development, education, nursing, pediatrics, psychiatry, psychology, social work, and others. Endorsement® indicates an individual's efforts to specialize in the promotion and practice of infant or early childhood mental health within his/her own chosen discipline.


 Encouraging a child means that one or more of the following critical life messages are coming through, either by word or by action:

I believe in you ~ I trust you ~ I know you can handle this ~ You are listened to ~ You are cared for ~ You are very important to me.

~ Barbara Coloroso

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