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Endorsement Renewal

Endorsement renewal is due by 12/31 of each year for all endorsed professionals

Helpful Tips

Renewal Fees:

  • There are (2) fees associated with Endorsement Renewal: 

    • $40 Endorsement Renewal Fee paid through EASy

    • $60 VAIMH Membership Fee paid via the online application on the VAIMH Membership page.


*NEW* Reflective Supervision Requirements for Renewal in 2024 & 2025:

  • 2024 - Infant Family Specialists (IFS), Infant Family Reflective Supervisors (IFRS), Infant Mental Health Specialists (IMHS), and Infant Mental Health Mentor-Clinicals (IMHM-C) will need to receive six hours of Reflective Supervision and provide documentation of this when submitting for Endorsement Renewal by December 31, 2024.

  • 2025 - IFS, IFRS, IMHS, and IMHM-C Endorsees will need to receive the full twelve hours of Reflective Supervision and provide documentation when submitting for Endorsement Renewal December 31, 2025 and onward.

Newly Endorsed:

  • If you obtained Endorsement in 2023, you do NOT need to submit training, RS hours (if applicable), or pay the $40 Endorsement Renewal Fee until 12/31/2024. You only need to keep your VAIMH Membership current.

Dual Endorsement:

  • Anyone holding dual Endorsement should complete the ongoing training and reflective supervision/consultation (RSC) requirements for the Endorsement category with the most requirements for renewal. A comment should be added on the training tab of your other application(s) that: "Renewal Hours for Endorsement were documented in my XXX Application".

Unable to Meet Renewal Requirements:

  • If you are unable to obtain the necessary renewal hours required for endorsement renewal, please email  Kristen Stahr, IMH Endorsement Coordinator, at so we can talk through your renewal options with you.

Endorsement Renewal Instructions

1) Renew your VAIMH Membership and pay the $60 membership fee.


2) Upon receipt of your VAIMH Membership Certificate, log into your EASy Application to change your membership expiration date. Click on Applications in the blue header row, then click on My Apps to access the endorsement category in which you need to renew. Navigate to the Details tab in the menu on the left to edit your VAIMH expiration date if necessary.


3) Click on Profile on the top right to update your demographic information. This information will help us make concrete goals in growing diversity in applicants (race, language, gender, region, area of practice, etc.). Make sure your contact information is up to date. It is recommended that you use your personal email address vs. your work email to ensure receipt of notices from EASy and your Endorsement team.  Scroll to the bottom and access your Alert settings. Make sure you have selected to receive notifications on your Application Status Updates and Public Comments Added to your Application.

4) Agree to the Code of Ethics (annually)

5) Click on the Trainings tab within the left-hand column to enter a minimum of 15 clock hours per year of relationship-based education and training, pertaining to the promotion of social-emotional development and/or the practice of IMH. NOTES: a) these do not have to be VAIMH trainings.  b) for endorsees providing Reflective Supervision, you must enter 3 hours of training on the provision of RS. c) for conferences, please list the workshop names as a "comment" on the right hand side of the tab. You do NOT need to list each workshop as its own entry; however reviewers do need to know the workshop names to approve

If the title of the training does not clearly indicate that the content was related to infant/early childhood mental health practices or principles, please use the comments section to describe the content and how you are using it in your work.

Be sure to click "SAVE" after each entry.


Note: In 2023, all endorsed professionals must also receive a minimum of one hour of training on DEI, specific to infant and early childhood mental health, as part of the 15 training hours due by 12/31/2023.

Reflective Supervision

[NOTE: Although a minimum of 12 hours of Reflective Supervision/Consultation (RS/C) annually is required for Infant Family Specialists, Infant Family Reflective Supervisors, Infant Mental Health Specialists, and Infant Mental Health Mentors (Clinical), to renew and maintain Endorsement status, Virginia currently has permission to defer this requirement until 2024 while we continue to build capacity to support RS in Virginia. Unless you are an approved provider of Reflective Supervision for Endorsees in Virginia, you may skip the requirement to document Reflective Supervision as part of the renewal process for this current renewal cycle.]

Approved providers of Reflective Supervision/Consultation should document receipt of the required 12 hours of RS/C.
6) Click on the Supervision tab within the left-hand column. If applicable, enter a minimum of 12 hours from 2023 (required for IFS, IFRS, IMHS, and IMHM-C only). If the hours are from the same provider of RS, they can be added as one entry and you do not need to list out each date, just the total sum. Note: in order to count towards your Endorsement Renewal, the (minimum) 12 hours of RSC should be over the course of at least 6 months. Click "SAVE".
*For future planning - 
  • 2024: Beginning in 2024, 6 hours of Reflective Supervision (for IFS, IFRS, IMHS, and IMHM-C) will be required for renewal.
  • 2025: In 2025 and onward, the full 12 hours of Reflective Supervision will be required.  
7) Lastly, go to the Status tab within the left hand column.  Select the Submit for Endorsement Renewal button and pay the $40 Endorsement Renewal fee via debit or credit card. Payment must be submitted during this step or EASy will lock your application and it will not be accessible until it has been reviewed for renewal, requiring extra steps to unlock so that payment can be submitted. 
Upon submission you will receive an automated email from EASy that confirms your renewal has been submitted.  You will receive another automated email from EASy to notify you that your Endorsement® was renewed. Virginia's Endorsement Coordinator will contact you if there are any questions about your renewal.
*Applicants who have not renewed by December 31, 2023 will be removed from the VAIMH Endorsement Registry.
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