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What Virginia Endorsed Professionals Say About the Endorsement®


Susan Gallier IMH-E®
Infant Family Associate
President, Burke Child Care Connection,
Family Day Home Owner/Provider

“I wanted to learn more about infant mental health. At the time there really was not much out there and I thought it was important to know. What changed the most for me was the way I felt when working with young children, not blaming parents or the child. Possibly never knowing why the child is acting the way they are but assuming something in the life of the child is not right and trying to help the child through a difficult time in their young life. Knowing that I am helping a young brain to hopefully be a productive adult. Feeling confident about dealing with a child and being able to speak with parents, with confidence, and then have them come to me for advice, is a great feeling.

Proud Mother

Tracy Walters, IMH-E®
Infant Family Specialist
State Coordinator for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health, DBHDS

"What I would want other professionals to know is that even after 30 yrs. of practice with children, families and educators, I learned to look at my practice with a new lens. The information that I was able to take away gave me new inspiration, insight, and courage to continue and to enhance my current work with families and professionals.  It also allowed me to grow new skills in a profession that I have worked in for thirty years…giving me that new hope to fuel my passion and determination to insure a safe and secure environment for all children and families.


Lynn H. Kosanovich, IMH-E®
Infant Mental Health Mentor-Policy
Training & Professional Development Director:  Master Trainer, Prevent Child Abuse America

“I first sought Endorsement® at the encouragement of my supervisor with Healthy Families America (HFA).  HFA is a home visiting model for new parents that focuses on the relationship between the parents/caregivers and the child—there are over 30 HFA sites across Virginia.  Going through the Endorsement® process has broadened my thinking, encouraged my professional development through new information and ideas, and connected me to experts in the field of Infant Mental Health—all of which inform the training we at the national office provide to HFA sites and staff in Virginia and around the country.  For leaders in the field of early childhood, it is a wonderful network to be a part of!

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