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VAIMH Professional Development Series Evaluation


Please complete an evaluation for each Professional Development session you participated in.

A certificate of completion for 1 credit hour will be available upon submission of this form.

Please contact with any questions.
Session Evaluation
Endorsement Status
Rate your level of knowledge BEFORE & AFTER this session
1=No Knowledge  2=Very Little Knowledge  3=Some Knowledge  4=Knowledgeable  5=Very Knowledgeable
No KnowledgeVery Little KnowledgeSome KnowledgeKnowledgeableVery Knowledgeable
No KnowledgeVery Little KnowledgeSome KnowledgeKnowledgeableVery Knowledgeable
Rate the presentation on the following criteria:
Usefulness of info.
PoorFairGoodVery GoodExtremely Good
Gain of knowledge
PoorFairGoodVery GoodExtremely Good
Presentation of material
PoorFairGoodVery GoodExtremely Good
Rate how well strategies learned from this session will enhance your work professionally with infants, toddlers, young children, and their families - and/or - help you grow personally.
Strategies learned
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
Please provide feedback for the presenter & VAIMH PD Committee:
Are you interested in presenting on a topic related to IECMH for future VAIMH events?

Please select which Competencies you would like to see addressed in upcoming professional development.

Theoretical Foundations
Direct Sevice Skills
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